So what is the deal with cheap glass bongs for sale? Is it worth buying a cheap bong or should you splash out on a more expensive glass weed pipe for smoking? Such as a branded thick glass one from a popular head shop. Well as a bong collector who has had a huge amount of both super cheap glass bongs and expensive bongs, I can tell you that you can easily be happy with either. I like to keep a nice cheap bong on my shelf for when my friends visit, as if it gets dropped or damaged it is easy to replace without friendships being ruined!


Some smokers are unsure what the difference is between weed pipes and cannabis bongs, the truth is that they are pretty similar. It is not uncommon for a product to fall in between both titles and cause a little confusion, but at the end of the day they will both get the job done nicely. glass bongs for sale can be found at the same place as these weed pipes but normally are much larger and often more stylish.